Thursday, 15 December 2016

Don't think it had been cleared for a few years

Assisted by 3 members of the Northampton IWA team we cleared out a drainage channel at the Museum Car Park. Don't think it had been cleared for a few years.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Keeping Warm

Keeping warm yesterday trimming hedges and vegetation down at the Lower Locks car parking area.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

All in all a great improvement

By Rob Westlake, 10th February 2016: 
Another dry day with good sunny intervals. The wooden barriers at the end of the Woodland Walk were completed, pending painting later in the year when the timber has dried out. A useful job! The overgrown edges of the Woodland Walk path were sided out for some distance.  Some of the snowdrops planted here last year are starting to bloom so hopefully they will naturalise year on year. Then everyone turned their attention to Lock 16, since CRT had commenced work on inspecting and repairing the lock flight. The lock edges were sided out, the ramped sides weeded and cleared back and the area outside Lock 16 cottage swept clean.  All in all a great improvement.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Preventing cyclists from coming down the path too fast

By Rob Westlake, 13th January 2016: 
The main focus of the first task group meeting in 2016 was to replace the two sets of staggered wooden barriers at the southern end of the Woodland Walk. Originally installed when the walk was created some 20 years ago, the old barriers had rotted and fallen. Their purpose is to prevent any cyclists from coming down the path too fast and either colliding with pedestrians on the towpath or ending up in the canal. CRT had not only provided the materials but also made available one of their workforce, Ben, to assist, which was appreciated. The job proved to be very hard work and the task group worked like Trojans excavating postholes and concreting in the supports for the new barriers. At the end of the day, two thirds of the job was complete – eventually the barriers will be painted black / white to improve their visibility and canalside appearance. Meanwhile, less physically challenging litter picking of the entire canal corridor was undertaken and the Museum green cleared again of fallen twigs and branches. A good start to the new year!