Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Removal of head banging branches

By Rob Westlake, Oct 8 2014
Concerns about overhanging trees had been raised by the gentleman that organises the Health Walks around Stoke Bruerne.
On inspection - the problem was that branches that had been sawn off in previous years by CRT's contractors - had re-sprouted and the weight of the summer foliage had lowered the whole branches.
So we set too work and cut back the foliage and then sawed of the offending branches - at a number of locations along the long pound.
That was the easy part of job. The arisings then had to be chopped up and disposed of - generally by filling gaps in the hedgerow and along the boundary fence.
The cutting only took a couple of hours - but the clearing of the towpath kept us busy well into the afternoon.
The rest of the team worked on the Woodland Walk - clearing back the rampantly growing brambles - to ensure the pathway is easier to use.

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