Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Taming the laurels on the Museum Green

By Rob Westlake, Dec 10 2014
The Friends of the Canal Museum are preparing costings for some remedial works to the Museum Green. Over the last couple of summers, the area of the former Canal Arm and Dock have subsided and in places the original edging stones have been revealed.
The Green is used extensively for the Village Canal Events – and finding a level area on which to erect marquees is getting more difficult.
The Laurel hedge along the northern side of the Green has become very overgrown and has encroached onto the usable area by 4 or 5 metres.
The resident of the adjacent house has lost a lot of sunlight – particularly in the winter when the low sun never enters their garden.
After discussion with CRT – it was agreed that this work could be carried out and arrangements made to cart away 3 or 4 lorry loads of the arisings.
So the team set to work – and a huge pile of branches quickly covered a large area. By midday – only about half of the length of the hedge had been cut.

After discussions with our volunteer coordinator – a stop was called to enable the material to be stacked and loaded onto the CRT maintenance gang’s truck.
2 loads were carted away, but more couldn’t be done that day.
So the site was tidied up and 2 of our members assisted by our coordinator Graham returned the following morning to help load another 3 truck loads which were carted away.

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