Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Backyard Project

By Rob Westlake, March 11th, 2015
Louise – the Manageress at the Canal Museum had been successful in obtaining a grant to create a small wildlife friendly garden behind the Museum building. This was called the Back Yard Project. After discussions with members of the volunteer group, it was arranged that materials could be delivered the day before and that we would commence the construction of this garden area.
The Group set about creating this raised area, using oak sleepers and imported soil and bark. Aided by our No: 2 volunteer supervisor Graham, we set about turning Louise’s sketch plans into the garden. Special thanks to our volunteer Bill Mann – who transported the oak sleepers back to his workshop to cut to length and to Louise and Mat for keeping us well supplied with mugs of tea and coffee.

Others from the Group planted snowdrop bulbs up along the woodland walk and also carried out the tidying up of the Museum Green – after the final laurel hedge arisings had been transferred to the skip. The towpath and the Woodland Walk were also litter picked – along with the towpath down to Lock 15.

The area down at the bottom locks was also inspected and several bags of rubbish collected. Longer term discussions need to be had with CRT and the Stoke Bruerne Canal Partnership over the possible need for a litter bin in this area.

Back at the Museum, the main structural work for the garden was completed in the one day, but a couple of the Group return to help further at the week-end and complete the project. Since then various groups have planted the area out and added wildlife friendly accessories - bird feeders, water bowls and insect ‘hotels’, which has now created an area of interest for our young and older visitors to enjoy.

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