Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A man cometh armed with new tools

By Rob Westlake, February 18th, 2015 
As our Volunteer co-ordinator Miriam has taken over John Highmore’s ‘chair’ for a few months, our new CRT Volunteer supervisor, Wayne Moore arrived with a van full of hand tool and protective/safety equipment.
Louise, the manageress at the Museum has arranged for the Adoption Group to have use of a shed behind the Museum, so time was spent clearing out residual rubbish and Wayne fitted a hasp and padlock. The team then set to work cutting back the next section of the Laurel hedge alongside the Museum Green.

Having caused a fair level of concern from our supervisors last month – we were only allowed to cut back a certain amount – to ensure all the arising could be placed in the CRT rented BIFFA bin in the car park. Well – we did, but we also got a ‘ticking’ off – this time from the BIFFA bin emptying operative – when the branches wouldn’t neatly tip out of the container into the skip lorry.

Still – one more good session of trimming back before the end of the month should complete the job – before the embargo on hedge and tree cutting starts on the 1st March.
Several of the Group returned on the 28th February to complete the last section of the hedge trimming, along with removing a small elderberry bush in the hedgerow alongside the Quarry Field – where eventually a pedestrian entrance from the towpath will be created to access this new public area. 

We well filled the BIFFA bin again, and stacked the remainder into the root-line, to be cleared next week after the bin had been emptied again.

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